Philips Digital Photo Frame (Metal & Wood) – 9.4-Inch

High-Density Display

The very best high-density screen shows off the loved photos by having the same ‘real life’ rich detail as well as vibrant colors as high-quality prints.

Perfect Digital Color

The electronic photo frame supplies a full-color display that brings out the finest in the pictures by having sparkling, real-life colors. Pictures will certainly present the same complete range of colors that are located in professionally-printed photos so your photos can be seen the same natural means they were when the picture was taken.

Smart Album

Battery Operated Digital Photo Frame

Keep the photos neatly organized with Smart Album. Smart Album permits you to create and oversee various picture albums for the assortment of photoes, as well as, set-up and fine-tune change effects to the photo slideshows.

Smart Picture Storage space
Philips Digital Photo Frame (Metal & Wood) - 9.4-Inch

Buy Philips Digital Photo Frame (Metal & Wood) - 9.4-Inch

Smart picture storage space reduces the needed storage spot desire to save your pictures without compromising the display high quality. You will definitely enjoy the same rich, crisp display regardless of the volume of photoes you select to present.

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Photo Consequence Wizard

The PhotoEffect Wizard provides you the potential to edit you pictures without the aid of a home computer. This easy-to-use feature permits you to rotate, zoom-in, crop as well as even fine-tune photo color tones to black & white or sepia right within the electronic picture frame. Adding range to the way the pictures are displayed.

Multiple Watching Modes

Flexible display modes provide you the liberty to present your photos in a variety of different views. You can display the photos one picture at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick and effortless searches, or develop a slideshow of the favorite pictures. You can easily also display the same picture continuously for 1,000 hrs without any damages to the LCD screen.

Keep in mind that Philips electronic picture frames are appropriate by having JPEG files. The JPEG file format is in accordance with the camera system industry requirements as well as the frame is designed to present pictures with the same industry requirements. Images that are not in JPEG format, such as internet, scanned or RAW images, can easily not be displayed on the digital photo frame. Nonetheless, these pictures can be switched to the JPEG format for the electronic photo frame using specific desktop computer applications.

You can easily switch between different slideshow pictures by making use of various memory cards. When a memory card is connected to the electronic picture frame, the slideshow will play pictures stored on that certain card. By permanently putting in a memory card into the electronic frame, it is going to perform the same functions as the internal memory. By using two memory card slots all at once, one memory card slot can easily be dedicated for external memory and the other for reading as well as copying images from the camera system memory card.

Multiple Photo Collage Effect

The Multiple-photo collage is a slideshow effect that presents the photos in collage form that are going to immediately and randomly compile various pictures all together to prevent unattractive borders that might result from pictures which are smaller than screen size.

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